Vestnik Universiteta


It is published since 1999

ISSN (Print): 1816-4277


The transliterated: Vestnik Universiteta

It is registered in Roskomnadzor for No. 77-1361 of 10.12.1999

Frequency: 12 times a year

The magazine in the “economic sciences” and “sociological sciences” directions is included in the List of the reviewed scientific publications in which the main scientific results of theses for a degree of the candidate of science have to be published, for a degree of the doctor of science, recommended by the Highest certifying commission at the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation”, come into force since 01.12.2015.



Subject headings of the journal:

  1. Topical issues of management
  2. Strategies and Innovations
  3. Development of sectoral and regional management
  4. Economy: problems, solutions and prospects
  5. Valuation of investments
  6. Finance and Banking
  7. Social technologies and processes
  8. Social Psychology

Subscription index in the electronic catalog of JSC Agency Rospechat — 42517

E-mail of editorial board:

Founder and publisher: Federal state-funded educational institution of the higher education “State university of management”

We invite authors to the publication of articles in the journal!

At the moment there is a set of articles in № 2 issue 2018 . For all questions, please contact the editorial office of the journal.


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