The Journal’s mission consists in support the interest of readers to the original research and innovative approaches in the area of economics and sociology, that contribute to the dissemination of the best domestic and foreign practice in these areas.


Aims of the journal:

– lighting and draw attention to the urgent problems of economic and sociological sciences;

– dissemination of information on advanced research in these areas;

– formation of thematic research areas for exchange of scientific opinions, suggestions and experiences;

– exchange of research results in the area of economics and sociology among scientists from different countries;

– the disclosure of the scientific potential young researchers;

– support economic and sociological research schools.


Journal objectives:

– granting pages for publication of the results of fundamental and applied research in the area of economics and sociology;

– assistance to young researchers in improving the quality of their publications;

– informing professionals and the public about current directions in the study of economic and sociological processes;

– increasing the availability Journal for foreign readers: the publication of articles in the English language, the creation of an expanded presentation of the essence of the study in English for the most interesting articles (Abstract) and the duplication of the list of references in the Latin alphabet (References);

– extension of the possibility of extending and indexing of scientific publications among different key international databases citation.


Revision organizes reviewing manuscripts to ensure the quality of published articles and objective assessment of the author’s research.


Target audience of the journal covers of representatives of the expert community, scientists, university professors, graduate students and other people interested in economics and sociology.