Dear authors! For increase in the index of citing we ask to pay attention to the following information. In order that in the RINTs system your article was automatically added to the list of the works published by you, without fail information on the current place of work provided in edition in the questionnaire has to coincide with that place of work which is specified at you in a profile in RINTs. Otherwise you should add the article to the list of the works independently.


We bring to your attention that “Vestnik universiteta” No. 2 for 2018 will come out soon. You watch the list of authors of number in the section “Issues”.

Authors can receive the copies of the journal in GU-107 office.


We report: reception of articles in the October issue of the journal is complete. We carry out reception of articles in the following issues of the journal. The request to specify urgent information at editors of scientific publishing and patent policy of Management of the organization of scientific activity.



Due to the transition of the “Vestnik universiteta”journal to self-financing are forced to tell you that since April 05, 2017 services in editing and publication of articles became paid for all authors, except FGBOOU WAUGH’S graduate students of “GUU” of full-time courses.

Since October 11, 2017 service prices of the magazine changed. Besides, with No. 11 now the DOI indexes are appropriated to articles.

The receipt on payment to you will be provided by editors of department in GU-107.

You can get acquainted with service prices in this table.

Service Rate Cost, rub.

(including VAT)

Subscription (through the Editorial office of the Journal)
Electronic subscription for the Journal.

Within a subscription free of charge 2 publications (up to 30000 signs) and 2 copies of the printing Journal on 2 articles of the subscriber (technical editing Articles, imposition, the publication of Articles in the scientific journal “Vestnik universiteta”)

1 year (from the moment of the acceptance of the offer) 10075
For subscribers
Technical editing Article, priority (urgent) publication of Article in the scientific journal “Vestnik universiteta” 1000 characters with spaces 170
The publication of the fifth article in the Journal within a year + technical editing Article, imposition, the publication of Article in the scientific Journal “Vestnik Universiteta” To 20000 characters with spaces free of charge
One copy of the Journal with Article of the subscriber (for workers of SUM, students of SUM) 1 pieces free of charge
One copy of the Journal with Article of the subscriber 1 pieces 600
For the persons who aren’t subscribers
Technical editing Article, imposition, publication of Article in the scientific  Journal “Vestnik Universiteta” 1000 characters with spaces 320
One copy of the Journal 1 pieces 750
Urgent publication in the current issue 400
For graduate students of SUM of full-time courses
Technical editing Article, imposition, publication of Article in the scientific  Journal “Vestnik Universiteta” 3 articles (up to 20.000 characters with spaces everyone) free of charge in turn

For all authors
Assignment of the DOI index (obligatory) – 274 rub.

If you plan to publish articles in our journal 2 or more, then it will be favorable to issue an electronic subscription for our journal. In this case you have the right during 1 year from the date of registration of a subscription to publish 2 articles up to 30.000 signs and to receive on 1 copy of the journal with the article absolutely free of charge.

Sending the article in edition and (or) paying the receipt, you carry out the acceptance of the offer (full and unconditional adoption of the offer).

Payment of editorial services is carried out only after receiving on your e-mail of the affirmative solution of edition on adoption of your article to the publication.

In “SUM” the throughput system has changed. In this regard we ask to report about intention to visit department for execution of the admission in advance.