Igor Vasilievich Groshev (aus_tgy@mail.ru) is the Chief Editor of the journal “Vestnik Universiteta”, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor, Head of the department of sociology and psychology of management, State University of Management.

Groshev I.V. has made the significant contribution to development of domestic science:

— he has developed the original system of selection and a set of personnel;

— he has conducted researches of professional and important qualities of heads, types of professional competence;

— he has removed postulates of gender economy (specifics and features of management of men and female heads, efficiency of men’s and female personnel, behavior in the conflicts, decision-making processes by men and female heads, the power and management efficiency);

— he has conducted significant researches in the field of gender psychology;

— he studied features of the Russian advertizing, processes of creation and efficiency of her perception by audience. As a result of researches conclusions which have been quoted by many Russian scientists have been formulated.

Groshev I.V. is a part of many organizations:

  • Since 2002 — the member of the Russian psychological association of advertizing researchers.
  • Since 2003 — the corresponding member of the International academy of psychological sciences and the Baltic pedagogical academy.
  • Since 2015 – the academician of the European Academy of natural sciences.
  • Since 2015 – the member of the European scientific and industrial chamber.
  • The associate editor of the European Social Science Journal magazines (The European magazine of social sciences), “Marketing in Russia and abroad” — journal are included into the VAK list, “Marketing of services”, “The bulletin of Academy of Investigative Committee”, “The state shots” and 6 more journals, including foreign lournals.
  • International expert of the International Academy of Sciences and the Higher education (MAHBO) – Great Britain.
  • The expert in the field of carrying out the state accreditation of educational institutions and scientific organizations of Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science of the National accreditation Agency in MO Russian Federation educatio
  • Expert of the Russian Federal Property Fund, RGNF, RNF.

Groshev I.V. awarded the title of “Man of the Millennium” and “Man of the Year” by the American Bibliographic Society in 2000-2002 by results of research and scientific activities, publications.

Groshev I.V. has published more than 500 scientific works in the leading scientific journals of RAS, RJSC, the Russian Academy of Medical Science and the periodic reviewed scientific publications recommended to VAK of the Russian Federation, including monographs, textbooks and manuals and also works of scientific and methodical character.

Groshev I.V. published a large series of scientific articles on the marketing of territories and their branding, the use and implementation of organizational culture in the management processes, the use of findings on gender conflictology, gender aspects of organizational, personal, temporary and emotional management.

Groshev I.V. is awarded with the state, departmental and public awards.